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Moore-Hufstedler Fund

In 2002-2003, the endowed Presidential fund was established to increase the quality of undergraduate and graduate student life at the California Institute of Technology. This fund was made possible through very generous gifts from Gordon and Betty Moore and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in tribute to The Honorable Shirley M. Hufstedler.

Gordon and Betty Moore Shirley Hufstedler
Students and other members of the Caltech community are encouraged to submit proposals at any time to the Moore-Hufstedler Fund for events or other projects aimed at improving the quality of student life.

Advisory Committee
An advisory committee will review proposals and make recommendations for each cycle. Final recommendations are approved by the MHF committee chair and are then reviewed by the Provost. The committee meets three times per academic year, in the fall, spring and winter term.
The committee consists of:
Voting Members
  • Vice President for Student Affairs (Chair, ex officio, voting member)
  • (2) Faculty and/or Staff 
  • (2) Undergraduate Students (appointed by The Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology)
  • (2) Graduate Students (appointed by the Graduate Student Council)
  • Undergraduate Student Alternate - Voting member when undergraduate student #1 is not available. The Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology appoints the undergraduate student alternate.
  • Graduate Student Alternate - Voting member when graduate student #1 is not available. The Graduate Student Council appoints the graduate student alternate.
  • Staff - Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs Operations
  • Staff - Office of Residential Experience Representative (ex-officio)
  • Staff - Provost Office Representative (ex-officio)
The committee will determine its procedures, and the chair will select an MHF administrator and webmaster in Student Affairs to maintain and manage MHF information. The administrator will manage the proposals database, MHF proposal accounts, a record of the committee's recommendations, scheduling, and will send proposal decisions to the requestors. The webmaster will maintain and manage the MHF website and account information for the MHF advisory committee. In addition, the chair will select a finance administrator responsible for reporting on MHF finances and the distribution of funds for approved proposals.

The committee and administrators will work with Development & Institute Relations to report periodically to the donors and to the Foundation on the use of the funds. The committee will also perform an annual review of all funded proposals and its internal operations to determine if the intended goals of the Moore-Hufstedler Fund are being met.

Contact information and the current Advisory Committee for the Moore-Hufstedler Fund